Golden days but cuts are biting

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Lewis Harvie, Darren MacIsaac and Euan McCallum from 3rd Falkirk Company (Peoples Church) visited the Palace of Holyrood on July 3 to receive their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards in the presence of HRH Prince Philip.

Another award winner, Richard Gentleman was on holiday.

In all there were 10 BB members in attendance from Scotland. After a brief chat with the Prince and in glorious sunshine, they all received their certificates from Steve Montgomery, the managing director of Scotrail.

After mixing with recipients from the various sponsoring youth organisations, refreshments were taken in a city centre restaurant, ending to an enjoyable occasion.

Some older members may remember Iain McNab, an officer who previously served in 1st Falkirk (Grahamston United Church).

He passed away on July 1 and our prayers are with his family at this sad time.

I can add little to the Herald article last week on decision to charge for the use of school premises which had previously been free to volunteer youth organisations.

The Boys’ Brigade, often with minimum resources, hard won through fundraising, will find it increasingly difficult to offer the scope of challenges for their young men.

Some may have to find an extra £1-2000 a year.

Each year the Battalion is grateful to Falkirk Council for granting around £1000 towards training and administrative expenses, but that is among 19 companies and equates to about £1 per member.

Passing on the extra ‘school expenses’ to parents, where applicable, for not all companies can or do use school premises, must make them ponder as to the enlightened youth policies Falkirk Community Trust promotes.