Gold Medal dog Ozzy is a real police hero

Hero dog Ozzy - winner of the PDSA Gold Medal.
Hero dog Ozzy - winner of the PDSA Gold Medal.
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A heroic police dog has been awarded the doggy world’s equivalent of the George Cross for a life-saving act of bravery in Falkirk.

Police Dog (PD) Ozzy, now nine years old, is retired – but if he could talk he would probably single out from his action-packed career the hair-raising emergency in a Falkirk flat in 2015 which won him the PDSA Gold Medal.

Along with “partner” PC Brian Tennant he was confronted by a man who had assaulted two people at knifepoint, and who had severed a gas pipe.

The man was threatening to blow up the building, and utter disaster seemed just seconds away.

After PC Tennant gave due warning Ozzy didn’t need to be told twice that action was required - and the knifeman was swiftly hurled to the ground, where he was disarmed and arrested.

Ozzy’s swift action prevented the man from harming himself, and from potentially harming others and causing damage to the building.

At the PDSA awards ceremony, PC Tennant said of his four-legged friend: “Ozzy has been a loyal and exemplary police dog throughout his career.

“He has assisted with apprehending numerous criminals, saved lives and prevented countless injuries to members of the public and fellow police officers.

“Receiving the PDSA Gold Medal is a fitting end to his distinguished career - I am incredibly proud of him.”

Ozzy is the 25th recipient of the PDSA Medal, since it was first awarded in 2002.