Gold is the colour for Dunipace couple

Golden couple Robert and Sandra Brown
Golden couple Robert and Sandra Brown

Not every marriage is full of fireworks - but for golden 
couple Robert and Sandra Brown there was one explosive situation.

Robert (69) and Sandra (67) 
celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last Saturday after they were wed in the Old Kirk in Bo’ness on November 16, 1963, after being together for two years.

They met at ‘‘the dancing’’ at Bo’ness Town Hall on the night of the town’s famous fair and Robert has been sweeping Sandra off her feet ever since.

Robert is originally from Grangemouth and Sandra was from Bo’ness. They moved to the Bonnybridge area after they were married when Robert worked in BXL - the same year there was a massive explosion at the plant.

He said: “It was quite scary but thankfully no one died. I always remember the year because it was the same one Sandra and I got married.”

Robert then went on to work for BP as an engineer, taking up many posts abroad while Sandra raised their two boys and two girls. In perfect tradition the first, Shirley-Anne, came along nine months after they married followed by Deborah, Robert then John.

Regulars of the Carronbridge Inn may also remember Sandra as she owned the pub from 1996 for nine years.

The couple now have five grandchildren. Most of the family was there on Saturday evening to help them celebrate their golden milestone.

Robert added: “I think the secret to our long and happy marriage is that we have always done everything together. Whenever we were out at the old Rangers club, the British Legion in Grangemouth or the old Dockers it was always as a couple. We do everything together.”

“We have a lot to be thankful fo. We have a wonderful close family and are looking forward to the holiday they are sending us on in January.”