Going it sober for all of October

Scott Henderson is up for the no-alcohol challenge
Scott Henderson is up for the no-alcohol challenge
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When you’re used to life in the fast lane, slowing down for a month of sobriety is not the first thing your friends expect.

But Scott Henderson, director of Xtreme Karting, has decided that he will not touch a drop of alcohol in October as he takes part in an awareness and money-raising charity drive.

Scott is one of those taking part in Go Sober for October, a fundraising initiative from Macmillian Cancer Support.

But the Larbert businessman is already finding his 31-day pledge is keeping him firmly in the driving seat.

He said: “I’m a social drinker, so my first weekend has been tough.

“I actually started on the last day of September because I had been a bit drunk the night before and I wanted to be sure it was out my system for October.

“I do have a few parties coming up, and I’m the designated driver,

“So I’m finding that a lot of the money I’m saving from not drinking is going on fuel now I’m a bit of a taxi service for my friends.”

Like most others taking part in either Go Sober or Stoptober, a month-long no-smoking commitment, there is a serious reason behind 
Scott’s decision.

He said: “I’ve never done this before, but I’m doing it now because a friend of mine has been diagnosed 
with cancer.

“I am getting a lot of support from family and friends.

“Although I do have a friend who sends me pictures of wine bottles and who invites me out for a beer!”