Glen Village ice cream parlour is flavour of the month as crowds roll up

Suzanne and Alistair Reid who own and run Milk Barn ice cream parlour
Suzanne and Alistair Reid who own and run Milk Barn ice cream parlour

Opening an ice cream shop in Scotland might seem a daring move, but for one Falkirk couple, the sun appears to be shining on their new venture.

Around 10 years ago, with the price of milk dropping, Alistair and Suzannah Reid of Glen Farm realised they would have to diversify their business. After first looking into selling wholesale ice cream, they came up with the idea of opening the Milk Barn.

Suzannah said: “My grandmother was mad about ice cream and she always used to say I would have my own ice cream parlour one day!”

The process of opening The Milk Barn has been a long one, but the couple have been kept busy during that time – not just with designing the barn and creating new ice cream flavours, but with the arrival of their four children, Jack (11), William (9) and four-year-old twins Emma and Maddie.

Finally, two weeks ago, the Milk Barn opened – just in time for one of the sunniest weekends of the year!

Customers have been queuing out the door waiting for cones, and over the first weekend they had to employ extra staff to cope with the demand.

Suzannah said: “It has all been a bit surreal! We’ve had great feedback and the only problem we’ve had is not being able to get the ice cream out quickly enough – it takes 10 minutes to make a pan and as soon as it’s out, it’s gone!

“It has been a change for the children as well – they’ve been used to having mummy around and now I’m very busy! They’re loving it because so many of their friends have been up!”

Although they serve lunches, coffee and fresh home baking, the focus is very much on the very fresh ice cream. The milk is carried across by Alistair straight from the milking shed! The flavours are then added – everything from Pooh Bear Crunch to Ferrero Rocher as well as dairy-free sorbets and frozen yoghurt.