Glen Village developer ordered to clean up site

Foliage from the vacant site is encroaching onto public footpaths
Foliage from the vacant site is encroaching onto public footpaths

A developer has been ordered to clean up its overgrown site or face being forced to do it through a legal notice from the council.

Falkirk Council has received a number of complaints over the state of the former bowling and Callendar Miners’ Club site in Glen Village, which Alpha Glen Developments want to turn into flats after buying it previous owners the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO).

The company has had two planning applications refused by the council for flats due to a lack of amenities and a proposal for a four-storey development.

Another planning application is expected to be submitted but in the meantime the site’s foliage has become overgrown and is overflowing onto public footpaths and into neighbouring properties causing much chagrin among residents.

Councillor Colin Chalmers said: “The site is just being left to rot and the owner of the site has to take responsibility for this and clear it up.

“It is encroaching into gardens and surrounding footpaths.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We wrote to Alpha Glen Developments in mid August 2015, requesting that any vegetation growing on their site which obstructs pedestrian passages along public footpaths should be cut back within a 28 day period.

“That period expires mid September when the locus will be inspected again and, if no action has been undertaken, a formal Notice will be issued to the developers.”

The Falkirk Herald was unable to contact Alpha Glen Developments, based at 20 Meeks Road, Falkirk for comment as we went to press.