Girls giving up their crowning glories

Bowhouse Primary School pupil Sophie Haston gets her hair cut for the Little Princess Trust
Bowhouse Primary School pupil Sophie Haston gets her hair cut for the Little Princess Trust

Three little girls have ignored the current cold climate and promised to give up their lovely locks to help the Little Princess Trust.

One of them, Bowhouse Primary School pupil Sophie Haston (8), has already had her hair chopped, all 10 inches of it and is now feeling the winter chill at her home in Moy Court, Grangemouth.

Sophie’s mum Clair said: “Just last week she saw an old photo of herself with short hair and said she wanted it like that again. Then she said she could maybe help the wee girls and boys who have no hair.

“Now she’s got it done she’s telling everyone how she helped people.”

Clair sent Sophie’s hair off to the charity, which will shortly send her through a certificate to highlight her donation.

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

Two other youngsters will soon be getting the scissor treatment to help the charity.

St Andrew’s Primary School pupil Elle Walker (10), from Hallglen, is looking to make an appointment with Renella in January to have 14 of her 17 inches of hair cut off.

Mum Margaret said: “She was looking online at short haircuts when she saw something from the Little Princess Trust. She said she really wanted to donate her hair to such a good cause.”

The youngest of the three girls, Bainsford Primary School nursery pupil Nieve Connor (4), is booked in for December 30 to get her long hair snipped.

Her mum Kay said: “My niece was going to do it a year ago but didn’t, so Nieve has been talking about it ever since and I was telling her she had to let it grow for a bit. She said she just wanted to help a wee boy or girl who wasn’t well.”