Gas cut off for Grangemouth residents

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Over 30 properties are currently without gas in Grangemouth as workmen dig up drives, pavements and roads searching for the source of a leak.

The incident happened on Tuesday in the area of Dalratho Road and Drummond Place after water somehow got into the local pipeline network and led to scores of families having their supplies cut off by Scotland Gas Network.

One resident said: “They cut our gas off and gave us an electric fan heater, which isn’t really any good for heating our house. They couldn’t tell us how long the gas would be cut off for, just that they were investigating the matter.

“At the minute they seem to be randomly going around digging up people’s drives.”

A spokesperson for Scotland Gas Network stated: “We do not know how long the investigation will take. Engineers are attempting to remove all the water and we are keeping residents up to date with the situation.”