Funniny in Falkirk: Hey Falkirk, let’s talk about it!

Stephen K. Amos will be at Falkirk Town Hall on July 30
Stephen K. Amos will be at Falkirk Town Hall on July 30

STEPHEN K. Amos likes to chat with his audience - and he’s hoping that his Falkirk fans will be brave enough to talk back.

The 44-year-old comedian is well known from his appearances on a string of popular TV shows such as ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Live at the Apollo’.

He has also shown his serious side by presenting a number of hard-hitting documentaries – one of which earned him a prestigious Bafta nomination.

But it’s performing live that Stephen enjoys the most.

“Nothing beats the stand-up experience” he said.

“I love to talk to my audience – but I don’t want anyone to feel picked on, I want them to enjoy themselves and have fun.

‘‘I love to interact with the audience and for them to feel part of the show.

“If I speak to them they should definitely speak back – otherwise I might think they’re dumb and that could cause problems!”

Stephen will be performing at Falkirk Town Hall on Saturday, July 30, as part of the second Funny in Falkirk, which kicks off next week.

His appearance is something of a coup for Falkirk comedy fans, as it marks the south London comic’s only festival show this year.

“It will be strange not doing the Edinburgh Fringe in August as I’ve done it for the past 14 years” Stephen said.

“But I can’t wait to come up to Falkirk. I love Scotland and playing there. The audiences are always very receptive.

“I’ll be doing a strong show – I was on tour nearly all of last year and it’s evolved over that time.”

Away from performing, Stephen will spend the rest of the year writing and planning to fufil one of his biggest ambitions – cracking the tough American market.

“I’ll be heading over to America to do some work in a few months,” he revealed.

“I’ve done a few shows there in the past and the reaction I’ve had has been brilliant – I think it’s because the audience often has no frame of reference for a black British comedian. It confuses them, but in a good way. They’ve never heard my accent before.”

Stephen hopes that his Falkirk fans will have no such problems with his voice – and that they’ll find their own on the night.