Funds success gives church a vital heart aid

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When the 8th Falkirk Boys Brigade set about raising cash for a worthy cause the question “what does our church really need?” was to the fore.

The answer was a defibrillator machine, because Bainsford Parish Church - like all sorts of other public places, from sports grounds to swimming pools - could one day find itself at the centre of a life or death heart drama.

Fundraising got underway, and the boys teamed up with the 8th Girls Brigade to do everything possible to raise the £1100 needed for the equipment - which, as BB captain Paul Mitchell explains, everyone hopes will literally never be needed.

He said: “We held a prize bingo in Bainsford Community Centre which was well attended by many parents and friends, but also just people from the community who came along to help us fundraise when they heard what the cause was.

“We raised £1100, which has already been used to purchase the defibrillator machine and the equipment to go with it, and it has been installed in the church”.

He added: “The church kindly donated some extra money to purchase a suitable cabinet for the defibrillator to be housed in order to keep it safe.

“Through contacts I have we have also managed to get training booked for the people who use the church on a regular basis.

“It was a great effort by the 8th Falkirk Boys Brigade and 8th Falkirk Girls Brigade to bring all the plans together and for the community to come out in numbers to help the brigades achieve their goal of providing some safety and knowledge within the church - should the worst ever happen”.

The whole effort took a great deal of planning and time-consuming organisation, but at every stage of the project the single fact that made it all worthwhile, he said, is that there is literally no price you can put on somebody’s life.

Now he wants to thank everyone in the community who worked to make the boys’ and girls’ success a reality.

Mr Mitchell added: “With the amount of activities in the church - both older and young people - the defibrillator is a fantastic back up to have if there should be a medical emergency”.