Fun with faith, food and fellowship

How do you make a Spiritual Competition fun enough to attract boys?

Maybe John Haston that new Junior Section Convenor has the answer, for twelve teams took part on Sunday, October 25, even although two of them were ‘reserves’ and did not count but wanted to compete anyway! Start the event with a bit of popular community singing, liberally add in some refreshments and oh yes, have the actual competition itself. Officers in charge of teams also joined in the enthusiasm. One was reported having three bits of cake and another ‘threatening’ his team that as last years winners, their reward of fish suppers would be downgraded to black puddings if they lost the trophy (as well as treating him to a ‘Chinese’). Well they ‘lost’ but there is no indication of the follow up. The results which seem incidental to a most enjoyable afternoon had 2nd Larbert (Old Church) take the trophy with 8th Falkirk (Bainsford Church) and 4th Falkirk (Trinity Church) in the next two spots. Even the convenor is looking forward to next year. CompanySection Pulpit Fall Competition could be as much fun?

With the Company Section being short of onvenors for drill, football and golf, it was suggested at the meeting on October 26 that, in view of the number of really active companies unrepresented there, that officers from these units be awarded the jobs ‘in absentia’! There was some enthusiasm for a new basketball competition where a shortened version with adapted rules on a reduced area court would be launched in February under the auspices of Owen Fleming.

On December 20, 1917, it was agreed BB companies in Falkirk District should form a Battalion. Now, 100 years later, boys and officers are being asked for ideas to celebrate that ‘milestone. Ideas however imaginative will have to be submitted to the Battalion secretary or they will just remain ‘ideas’!