Full time for Banknock’s historic Hollandbush Inn

It has been a Banknock landmark since the 19th century, but the old Hollandbush Inn has now gone forever - reduced to rubble by bulldozers.

A picture of the empty pub taken last year shows it in a decrepit condition, but some local people will remember the days when it was a flourishing concern.

A local history account of the area refers to it as a familiar site when alighting from a local bus stop on Kilsyth Road during the later stages of the Second World War - but it’s thought to date from at least Victorian times, and may have traded as an inn much earlier still.

Since in Scotland an “inn” was traditionally a pub with rooms, it may also once have offered some form of accommodation.

However in recent years its woeful state became a source of concern, and in 2015 Banknock Community Council noted it had made the latest of several approaches to the council about its condition.

This week a squad from G & L Demolition moved in and cleared the site, finally consigning what was once a popular local amenity to history.