Free Disney volume with the Herald

The Falkirk Herald's Disney offer gets off to roaring start
The Falkirk Herald's Disney offer gets off to roaring start

Youngsters will really love The Falkirk Herald’s educational Disney books.

In fact pupils of Bantaskine Primary School have been “boning up” on the first edition ‘Dinosaurs’, a beautifully illustrated hardback encyclopedia which is fun to read.

The Disney book will prove invaluable to the youngsters, who have just finished their own dinosaur project and can use the publication to firm up their knowledge or teach them some facts they might not have picked up.

Primary four teacher Vivienne Walker said: “Dinosaurs were our science topic and the children were able

to find out all about them - which dinosaurs belonged in the sea, on the land or in the air and what their particular habitat was.

“Over the term the pupils were able to find out the entire history of dinosaurs and we ended the project with an exhibition for parents and the whole school.”

The pupil’s prehistoric experience will continue when they visit Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth next week for a tour and a special workshop.

Miss Walker said: “The pupils really loved the project - they just seemed to enjoy the whole topic. They would go home and learn things on their own and then come back in the next day to talk about it.

“They were very keen to do homework when it came to dinosaurs.”

And no doubt a mass of parents and children will be keen to get receive the Disney book on this fascinating subject.

A copy of ‘The Wonderful World of Knowledge: Dinosaur’ will be available free of charge from participating retailers with copies of this week’s Falkirk Herald.

Then, every Thursday, for the following 22 weeks you will be able to buy the Disney volumes for just £2.99 each when you present the voucher cut from that day’s Falkirk Herald.

Forthcoming volumes include ‘Planet Earth’, ‘The Human Body’ and ‘Sport.