Freddie visits Falkirk and is bowled over by Kelpies

Robb Penn and Freddie Flintoff at the Kelpies
Robb Penn and Freddie Flintoff at the Kelpies
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Former England cricket star Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff has seen off many a batter ... but last week he was covering fish in it at the Helix.

Freddie and pal Rob Penn parked their mobile chip shop near the Kelpies to feed the park’s visitors and film some footage for their new Sky 1 show ‘Flintoff: Lord of the Fries’.

Both men were awestruck by the park’s ‘mane’ attractions.

Freddie said: “It’s the first time I’ve seen the Kelpies and they’re beautiful. I like the way everyone in the area is so proud of them.”

The all-rounder is used to knocking cricket balls for six and firing 100 mph deliveries at quivering batsmen, but the chips he served up at the Helix went down as quickly as opposition wickets as scores of tourists and locals enjoyed their Flintoff fry-ups.

“I always wanted to run a chip shop,” said Freddie. “This is the next best thing and we get to visit amazing places like this. It’s hard work but we’re getting better at it all the time.”

Overcoming injury Freddie won a place in the hearts of cricket fans and the rest of the nation when he helped England defeat Australia in 2005 to reclaim the Ashes with a legendary batting and bowling performance that led to him being named man of the series.

Now a television star, Freddie is travelling the UK and Ireland in an eco-friendly cooking fat-fuelled chip mobile with Rob, meeting locals and serving them up some tasty treats.

Freddie hooked up with extreme cycling environmentalist Rob when the pair shared an adventure cycling through the Trans-Amazonian Highway and became fast friends.

“It was a beautiful thing,” laughed Rob.

The duo are using their latest quest to raise funds and awareness for the charity Rainforest Rescue.

Rob said: “We really trained up for this, talking to people who know everything there is to know about fish and chips.”

After a full shift at the Kelpies, Freddie and Rob moved off to fry and film at The Falkirk Wheel.

The visit coincided with some exciting news for lovers of buccaneering Botham-style cricket heroics as Flintoff, who retired from the game in 2010, may be planning a comeback, having recently played for Lancashire in this season’s Twenty 20 Blast.

‘Flintoff: Lord of the Fries’ is scheduled for broadcast on Sky 1 in January.