Four Falkirk men climb three highest peaks

The four men cycled their way up the country
The four men cycled their way up the country

Four men, four bikes, three mountains, one week; all in the name of charity.

A group of keen hill climbers attempted the Three Peak Challenge last week. Malcolm Auchie (46), Barry Smart (43), Derek Graham (35) and Steven McIntosh (35) climbed the three highest points in the UK and to make it even harder cycled the journeys to the next climb.

On Monday, September 14, the Falkirk group travelled to Wales to begin their challenge with a stroll up 1085m high, Snowden in Wales.

The foursome cycled to the lake district to climb Scafell Pike on Wednesday, the lowest of the three, standing at a height of 978m.

Malcolm’s wife Debbie Brown who works in the ambulance service alongside her husband and Barry said: “Me and Derek’s wife Paula drove in a camper van, meeting up at certain points so the boys could rest and sleep.”

Thursday and Friday the foursome cycled to Fort William before starting their long trek up the highest point in the UK; Ben Nevis, standing at 1344m tall.

Debbie said: “The lads have climbed it before so it was not that big a shock to them.”

Over the course of the week the team walked an impressive 42km.

So far the group have raised almost £1000 for Strathcarron Hospice from their efforts and suffered no injuries apart from some tired legs.