For airman Alex it was love at first sight

05-09-2012. Picture Michael Gillen. HALLGLEN. Alex and  Marjorie Laing
05-09-2012. Picture Michael Gillen. HALLGLEN. Alex and Marjorie Laing
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Being “in love” after 65 years of marriage is a ringing endorsement of one Hallglen couple’s happy life together.

Alex and Marjorie Laing celebrated their blue sapphire wedding anniversary last Thursday and said they were still as much in love as they were when they tied the knot in 1947 to become husband and wife.

The couple got together in Buckie, Banffshire, as former RAF air gunner Alex (88) lay injured following a bombing raid in The Ruhr district in Germany during World War II.

Three of the four planes on the raid didn’t make it back to Britain that fateful night in 1942. Alex was on the fourth one, which was also hit, and he suffered several broken bones.

Marjorie, a shop assistant in the local newsagents at the time, was told to take a newspaper to Alex’s bedside at the station where he was recovering from his injuries.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

He said: “It was love at first sight for me. Definitely. She was beautiful and I knew she was the one for me.”

Alex (88) and Marjorie (86), nee Paterson, got engaged in 1946 but sadly separated due to their families’ religious differences.

However, true love shone through in the end as the lovestruck couple couldn’t live without each other.

Alex said: “When we weren’t together I was really sad. My dad eventually told me I had to get my act together. I told him what I wanted and then he gave me his blessing.

“A meeting was set up and the two families accepted our love and we got engaged for the second time.

“I’ve had a wonderful life with Marjorie and our family. I’d say the secret to our long marriage has been to give more than you expect to receive. We’ve done that and we’re still winching after all these years.”

The couple were married on September 5, 1947, in Buckie’s St Peter’s Church. RAF pal Alan Westbury was Alex’s best man while Marjorie’s bridesmaid was her sister Margaret. They spent their honeymoon in Elgin.

The couple have five daughters and one son. Linda, the eldest, was born five years after the wedding followed by Susan, Carroll, David, Marjorie and Margaret. Alex and Marjorie also have eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

They started married life in Bainsford, raising their family in Napier Crescent and Hendry Street and have lived in Hallglen for over 30 years.