Footwear tip cold comfort for OAPs in Falkirk street

Council gritting crews work hard but cannot cover every area
Council gritting crews work hard but cannot cover every area

Concerned pensioner Andy Keir alerted the council about the impact of the first cold snap of the year.

He thought it would be a good idea to let them know about the treacherous conditions of the pavement he and his neighbours faced outside their homes in Falkirk’s York Street.

But after he contacted the town hall to complain about them not being gritted, the answer he received left him cold.

The 67-year-old was stunned to be told by an area roads engineer the solution to the problem was simple – wear sensible footwear!

While the first serious drop in temperatures last month saw the council’s fleet of gritting lorries swing into action to keep priority roads and footpaths across the district safe, he was stunned to be told where he and his wife live does not qualify for priority status.

Andy, a retired printer, said: “I thought the reply from Dorothy Reid was a bit cheeky to be honest. She said that due to the ‘minor nature’ of the path it is unlikely to ever receive treatment. She said that when she visited the walking surface was not particularly slippery when wearing sensible footwear.

“That might be her opinion, but it didn’t prevent a few of our elderly neighbours taking a fall during the cold spell as they tried to walk into town.

“They gritted the pavements at the top end of our street and the pavements between Kennard Street and Adam Street but did not come anywhere near our cul-de-sac where dozens of people, many of them elderly, live.

“I can’t understand their way of prioritising. Surely the ice outside our doors is as slippy and hazerdous as the ice on the pavements a few hundred yards further along the street?