Foodbank warns shoppers to beware of cash collection scam

Falkirk Foodbank goes out collecting food and not cash
Falkirk Foodbank goes out collecting food and not cash

Bogus charity workers claiming to be collecting money on behalf of a local foodbank are conning shoppers out of their cash.

A group visited B & M store in Talbot, Street, Grangemouth, recently wearing black t-shirts with Falkirk Foodbank emblazoned on them, telling staff they were there to collect money to help the Falkirk Foodbank.

When the foodbank itself heard about the visit alarm bells started ringing because it is not the charity’s policy to go out and collect money.

Falkirk Foodbank chairman Alastair Blackstock said: “The foodbank collects food, we never go out looking for money. If we are collecting food and someone happens to give us money then that is an extra bonus – but we never go out to collect money.

“We are now aware of this and have not yet brought the matter to the police, but we would warn shops and shoppers to watch out for anyone who claims to be from Falkirk Foodbank collecting money for the cause.”

If there have been similar instances of bogus collectors at any other shops you can contact Falkirk Foodbank on (01324) 630366 to make them aware of it.