Food and metal thefts on the rise

Chief Superintendent Davie Flynn
Chief Superintendent Davie Flynn

Crime continues to fall in Falkirk but rising incidents of food and metal theft have given the area’s top cops cause for concern.

Chief Superintendent Davie Flynn told Falkirk Council’s scrutiny committee there had been a fall in violent crime, anti-social behaviour and vandalism, but the current economic situation may have led to increases in other areas.

He said: “We have seen an increase in shoplifting across the Falkirk area. It seems to be items of food which are being stolen and not high priced items.”

Falkirk area commander Chief inspector Alan Waddell said: “Metal thefts are a significant ongoing problem which we are acting upon through regular road checks in areas which are being targeted and visiting the addresses of people who have been involved in metal theft in the past.

“We are also working with HM Revenue and Customs looking into certain businesses where we suspect the stolen metal is being taken.”