Firefighter Sean is set for London Marathon challenge

Sean Stutt.
Sean Stutt.

Sean Stutt is the only Scottish firefighter taking part in this year’s London Marathon - and

he’s hoping generous Falkirk residents will back his effort.

He aims to raise cash for a charity very close to his heart.

Sean, secured one of just 15 places available for the April 28 effort, which he’s using to support the Fire Fighters Charity.

Based in West Lothian, he runs to work from his home to gain training experience - despite being ribbed by his crewmates for his choice of runwear.

“This is my first marathon ever (he’s done several half marathons) and I always said if I did a marathon it would have to be London – but it ‘gi’es me the fear’!

“I am the only Scottish firefighter so I am definitely feeling the pressure, but it’s nice to represent our Service.”

He was inspired to raise funds for the charity after his uncle, who is also a firefighter, was aided back to work following an ankle break, and has already doubled his initial fundraising target of £2,000.

Sean said: “It’s hard with a young family and on call to squeeze the training in, but my family and workmates have been so supportive.

“I have a few friends that have completed marathons in crazy times and everyone raves about the atmosphere.

“I try and go out four times a week – I have the dogs for training partners, though they do their own thing.

“My wife, kids and parents are all coming down to support me on the day. “

He added: “The Fire Fighters Charity relies on fundraising and donations each year to deliver the invaluable support and services it has - and I appreciate every penny that is donated.”

The charity is almost entirely funded through donations from the fire community and public.

It supports the everyday heroes of firefighters who are injured, ill or in need of psychological support.

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