Fire Service issues fuel storage warning

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Chief Fire Officers are urging Falkirk motorists not to take any unnecessary risks as they prepare for a potential petrol strike.

National tanker driver strikes over the Easter bank holiday period may have been ruled out, but industrial action could still take place later this month as unions - who want better conditions and safety measures put in place for members - enter into talks with employers and the conciliation service Acas.

Last week saw scenes of “panic buying” at petrol forecourts throughout the UK as motorists filled up their vehicles - and Gerry cans.

Now the Chief Fire Officers Association of Scotland wants people to think about the safety aspects of storing quantities of petrol.

Chief Fire Officer David Dalziel, CFOAS chairman, said: “The safety of the public and our firefighters is our priority and we would ask that the public focus on keeping themselves safe and not putting their families or our firefighters at an increased risk.

“Clearly any form of flammable liquid stored in the home or indeed in garages or outbuildings presents a potential hazard to both occupiers and firefighters. It is therefore vital this risk is fully considered prior to anyone taking such a course of action.”

If people feel it is necessary have a store of fuel, CFOAS urge them take note of the following advice:

- Do not fill a container more than the capacity printed on the label

- Do not store petrol inside a domestic premises

- Store petrol in a place that is not part of or attached to a building used as a dwelling

- Petrol must be stored in approved plastic or metal containers of the sort that can typically be purchased from filling stations

If there is a fire in a property in which petrol is stored, firefighters should be informed of this at the earliest opportunity.