Fire hero cops collect awards

Police officers and staff who received awards
Police officers and staff who received awards

Officers who ran into a burning building to rescue its occupants have been rewarded for their bravery.

Colin Gordon and Angela Currie pulled two people from a flat fire in Denny last March.

Their efforts were recognised at the annual Central Scotland Police awards last week when they were presented with an award from the Society for the Protection of Life.

Chief Constable Derek Penman said: “This award is testimony to the distinguished conduct of these two officers.

“It is important to acknowledge the jobs that people do, many of which are in difficult circum-stances, mark their achievements and recognise the work and length of service that staff give.”

The pair were among 60 people who received awards during the ceremony.

These ranged from long service awards for officers, special constables and staff to the Chief Constable’s commendation which was presented to four constables – Laura Risk, Euan McLean, David Butterfield and Laura Moreland – who used CS spray to tackle a man threatening to kill another man with a knife.

The McCrae Award for Endeavour – for the officer who displays the most determination, commitment and high standard during the initial driving course - was presented to Allana McCabe from Falkirk.

Falkirk constable Scott Duncan received the Baton of Honour for most outstanding probationer along with fellow constable Gillian Rennie.

Long service and good conduct awards - police officers (20 years): Inspectors Catriona Paton, David Mitchell, Willian McGuckin; Sergeants Michael Matthewson, John McGill, Grant Sangster, John McKenna, Kathleen McCann, David Hannah, Craig Rankine; Constables Angela Currie, James Brough, Andrew Ward, James Morrison, Brian Tennant, Gordon McColl, Adam Weir, Tracy Conway, Craig Galloway, Dawn Coffey, Karen Gordon, Sheonagh Crhistie, Thomas Holden, Alison Waddell, Gordon MacPherson, Andrew Fleming, Allan Duff, James Thomson, Shona Marshall, Alan Orr and Richard McEwan.

Long service award (police staff) 20 years: Keith Palmer, Evelyn Ralston, Norman Lynch, Stephen Jones, Elaine McColl, Kathleen Blain, Stuart MacFarlane, Fiona McKeitch, David Campbell, Peter Wilson, Kenith Munro, Maureen McKeown. 25 years: Carey Bennie, Willian Coyne, Evelyn Hay, Avril Moodie and Lynne MacFadyen.

Long service award (special constables) nine years service: Daniel McKerral and Mark Swales, Martin McMonagle. 19 years: Iain Lindsay.

Chief Constable’s commendation: Constables Laura Risk, Euan McLean, David Butterfield and Laura Moreland.

Federation Cup for Effort: Constable Donna McVitie.

The McCrae Award for Endeavour: Allana McCabe

Society for the Protection of Life from Fire: Constables Colin Gordon and Angela Currie.

Royal Humane Society Award: William McBrien

Baton of Honour: Constables Scott Duncan and Gillian Rennie.