Film star ready to roll into town

HOLLYWOOD A-lister Brad Pitt could be on his way to Grangemouth to film scenes for his latest blockbuster.

A road on the perimeter of the oil refinery will be turned into the set of a zombie film set later this month for the million ‘World War Z’ movie.

Residents in the Grangemouth and Polmont areas have received letters from the production crew saying a “star” will feature in shots along Wholeflats Road.

The film is based on Max Brook’s best-selling book and sees Pitt playing a United Nations employee trying to save the world and humanity after a war.

In a clear indication that Pitt himself will be here to film, the letter from High Command Productions advising residents of road closures said: “The scene is set in present-day America and shows some vehicles fleeing the city and passing some abandoned on the roadside.

“One of the vehicles will be driven by our star, who is having a conversation throughout the scene.”

The location was chosen for the length of the road which is crucial to the shot.

It will be filmed between August 19 and 28, depending on the weather.

Councillor Malcolm Nicol is also happy the local economy will receive a boost.

He said: “This is the second major filming production in the area in a year and can only be a good thing.

“There will be a lot of people, thousands even, coming here to film a major Hollywood blockbuster and that is very welcome.

“Wholeflats Road is a long stretch with big verges and I’ve heard that was exactly what the film’s people were looking for.”

There is expected be restricted access from Wholeflats roundabout on Inchyra Road to the Grange Road junction and a full road closure from Grange Road to the Inveravon roundabout on the A904 Grangemouth Road.

However, Falkirk Council, who are responsible for road closures, have not yet issued any orders.