Film pair drop in to inspire Falkirk students

Writer Scott Mackay and director David Barras
Writer Scott Mackay and director David Barras
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The director and writer of a new Scottish film popped into Forth Valley College to inspire students to follow in their footsteps.

Electric Man had its first screening at the Glasgow Film Festival and was then shown at the Hippodrome in Bo’ness.

Director David Barras and co-writer Scott MacKay spoke to media and communication students at the college about the film, which was shot in Edinburgh.

David said: “My background in film started in education so when we made this film and planning a Scottish tour, I thought it would be a good idea to take it to students to talk about the industry and let them know that these kinds of things are not outwith the realms of possibility for them.”

Scott said: “We were particularly keen to come to Falkirk, because for us, Falkirk is very important. We are both from Armadale and the cinema here was a godsend - it was only £1, which even in those days was a bargain!

“When we were growing up, media was never mentioned as an option.

“There is a big world of possibilities out there for people - we want to get the message out there that all these films aren’t created by gods!

“They’re created by people like us and like them.”

David has already worked with school pupils in the area, producing a video about people’s memories of going to the cinema which is now available to watch on youtube at

The new film, Electric Man, is the story of the most valuable comic in the world. Two comic lover find the magazine just as they run into financial difficulties, and it nearly solves all their problems...apart from the fact that everyone else wants to get their hands on it too.

The movie has been nominated for a Bafta New Talent award.

David said: “We have had years of Scottish films which have been set on council estates or are set in the past. We wanted to make a film which wasn’t dark or drab.”

Scott added: “Superheroes used to be “geeky” but now they are totally mainstream and this summer all the big blockbusters - like Spiderman and the Dark Knight - will feature superheroes.”