Festive fun on hold for Falkirk’s marathon men

Colin and Brian and now in strict training for London Marathon
Colin and Brian and now in strict training for London Marathon

Business pals Brian Retson and Colin Green have already agreed their New Year resolution.

Their goal for 2014 is to complete their latest long distance running challenge in their fastest-ever time.

And that means celebrating Christmas and Hogmannay this year has had to take a back seat because their training for the Virgin Money London Marathon on April 13 kicked off on Christmas Eve.

They are now following a strict programme to be in the best possible shape for their third marathon test. Having already completed the Loch Ness Marathon in 2012 and the Edinburgh event this summer, they are determined to make London their most successful effort to date and beat their current best times of 3 hours 32 minutes and 3 hours 45 minutes respectively.

And to do that over-eating – and particularly over-drinking – over the festive holiday is strictly off the agenda.

Brian (43), boss of Retson’s hairdressers in Falkirk’s Manor Street, and Colin (39), owner of the North Star bar in Vicar Street, are already following a tough schedule which has forced them to reluctantly swap the chance of late night socialising this party season for early morning fitness runs and late-night sessions in the gym after work instead.

Brian said: “We’ve been given a pretty strict 16-week regime to follow that makes it clear that if we want to do ourselves justice we have to start preparing properly now. Eating too much over the holiday won’t be that big a problem because we’ll burn that off on our runs, but when it comes to having a drink there’s no option but to cut that right down.”

Brian and Colin hope to raise over £2000 for their selected good cause, the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. To make a donation visit justgiving.com and search for Brian or Colin’s details.