Fed-up Falkirk residents besieged by gulls

Kenneth Bugg is upset about aggressive seagulls nesting on his roof
Kenneth Bugg is upset about aggressive seagulls nesting on his roof
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Residents’ lives are being made a misery by aggressive seagulls that attack them every time they leave their homes.

The two seagulls nest on the roof of flats and swoop on anyone that approaches.

Residents fear being attacked but the birds are protected and it is illegal to interfere with their nests unless specific permission is given.

However, this week landlords Kingdom Housing revealed they would be visiting the flats to try to find a solution.

Pensioner Kenneth Bugg (70) who lives in the Grahams Road flats, said: “Every year for the last five years we’ve had the same problem, it’s dangerous.

“I know it’s only two birds but everyone is frightened to go out in case they get attacked, it’s pretty scary when they swoop down on you. It happens every day, it’s horrendous.

“We contacted Kingdom Housing, who own the flats, in the past, but they said they couldn’t do anything. Surely this is a serious health and safety concern and something can be done. I’m too old to be fighting seagulls.”

Gulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 making it illegal to damage or destroy an active nest or its contents. It’s also illegal in Scotland to prevent birds from accessing their nest.

Kingdom Housing Association said they were advised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds that they couldn’t touch the nest, although measures can be taken in special circumstances.

However, resources director Eleanor Fotheringham has now said said: “On reviewing the information, it is our intention to visit the development and to assess, if we can, the type of seagulls and the scale of the problem.

“After that we will consider the options available and seek specialist advice. Information on the course of action we will take will be provided to all our residents in the development as soon as practical.”