Far East film crew enjoy their UFO day in Bonnybridge

Councillor Billy Buchanan
Councillor Billy Buchanan

A documentary film crew from Tokyo got a first hand experience of the Bonnybridge UFO phenomenon last weekend.

The Japanese visitors were in the country to capture images for a film they are making on mysterious occurrences in Scotland and Bonnybridge’s fame as a centre for intergalactic visitation had apparently spread to the Far East because it was top of their list of places to see.

Councillor Billy Buchanan, a well known supporter of the Bonnybridge UFO connection, was the Tokyo team’s guide throughout the weekend, showing them local sites before hosting a skywatch as night fell.

Councillor Buchanan said: “We took them to the back of Bonnybridge by Greenhill and quite a number of people turned up to take part including famous UFO expert Brian Allan, who gave a talk on the night.

“It went well and the film crew got a lot of footage for their documentary.”

Bonnybridge is said to be the UFO capital of the world with over 300 reported sightings.

Councillor Buchanan said: “The film crew couldn’t believe we have nothing in the village to capitalise on its UFO reputation.”