Fans tell the Voice of Bonnybridge - “don’t give up, hen’

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Dozens of Bonnybridge fans of The Voice contender Sarah Morgan have a heartfelt message to pass on after last night’s traumatic contest.

It’s “don’t give up hen”, because her local fans seem even more convinced than before that she has what it takes to take her singing career to the top.

The formidable pressure of the last few weeks visibly told on Sarah (16), as she battled for a place in the semi-finals of the hit ITV talent show.

As even the finest Shakespearian actors have been known to do she temporarily forgot her words of her song, – the Lordeh hit Royals.

It was the most obvious fault in a performance which might otherwise have allowed her through to the next stage. Regardless of her age and all that pressure the gaffe clearly put an end to her hopes of going farther.

But as well-wishers on the Bonnybridge Banter Facebook site have pointed out, to get that far into the contest was a dazzling achievement for someone so young, and with no prior experience.

The show was an ordeal by fire that may stand her in good stead when she faces the limelight in some future musical arena.

And – say her fans – her talent and some hard-headed determination will help her develop success in the longer term.

Typical of Facebook remarks today were -

Janette Dawson: Shame about the song choice but well done Sarah, a true pro xx

Margaret Duff: well done SARAH you did great x

Carol McCall: Don’t think it was a good song choice it didn’t showcase her but she did a fantastic job, it must be nerve wracking.

Heather Quigley: She didn’t look comfy at all singing that. Maybe not the right song. Well done though, that’s not easy to do.

On the show judge Gavin Rossdale told her: ‘It doesn’t go right all the time for all of us, but stay happy because you recovered perfect, you sounded great on the song.’

Meanwhile there was some heavy coiffure-related criticism from Facebook contributor Carol McCall, of someone else on the show.

She said: “Can I just ask, who styles Emma Willis hair. It either looks like it’s been dipped in a chip pan or that she’s just out her bed?”