Family’s grief as Adisyn loses fight

Kerry Clark and  Adisyn
Kerry Clark and Adisyn

A mum buried her baby at the same church she was christened in just a month earlier.

Tiny Adisyn Clark passed away last Thursday, July 21, aged just four months 24 days.

The tot was born with a rare heart condition which meant the left side of the organ did not develop properly.

She was operated on for hypoplastic left heart syndrome when she was only three days old.

Adisyn fought to get better and was eventually allowed to leave hospital and join mum Kerry in their Bonnybridge home.

But the tot was only there for 12 weeks when she died.

Devastated Kerry (28) said: “She was such a fighter and I can’t believe she has gone - it’s not sunk in.”

Adisyn was born on February 27 at Stirling Royal Infirmary and straight away Kerry knew something wasn’t right.

“She was slightly blue and covered in mucus, I knew there was something wrong,’’ she said.

“The doctors said she was fine and it was just because I’d had to have a section but I knew there was more to it.

“It was the next day before specialists from Yorkhill Children’s Hospital were called out.

‘‘They took her to Glasgow to have her first operation to increase her heart’s power.”

The condition can be spotted in ultrasound but, despite three scans, including a 3D one, it wasn’t picked up.

Adisyn gradually got well enough to be released and Kerry became her mum and nurse to her only child, changing her dressings and feeding her through a tube.

She seemed to be getting stronger but a check-up last week showed abnormalities.

The baby was taken to Yorkhill but doctors couldn’t save her.

Kerry continued: “The doctor pulled me aside and said she wasn’t going to be with us for much longer.

“My family left the room and the nurses took out most of the tubes and lines.

“I just sat with her until she took her last breath 15 minutes later.”

The funeral was held yesterday (Wednesday) at Bonnybridge St Helen’s Parish Church, where Adisyn was Christened on June 19.

A collection for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital was held and Kerry, who works at Asda in Cumbernauld, intends to continue to raise funds for the hospital.

Gran Evelyn Murdoch, added: “What we have been through is horrendous. We want to fundraise to highlight what hypoplastic left heart syndrome is and hope no other family goes through this.”

nAdisyn was entered for our Summer Stars bonny baby competition featured in our supplement this week and Kerry has asked that her picture be included as a mark of respect.