Falkirk WASPI calls on candidates to back pension fight

Lorna Binnie at the Scottish Pensioners Conference
Lorna Binnie at the Scottish Pensioners Conference

Members of the Falkirk Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) are calling on local General Election candidates to support their cause and campaign on behalf of women who have lost out on expected pension payments.

WASPI, which has 140 local groups across the country, says millions of women are suffering hardship because the Government didn’t give them enough notice about changes to pension legislation.

The local group in Falkirk will be holding a demonstration at the Steeple in Falkirk at 1pm on Friday, May 26, and is asking candidates to sign a pledge to support WASPI women in Parliament if elected.

The demonstration is part of a national local day of action organised by the campaign, which represents almost 3.5 million women born in the 1950s who have been affected by the lack of notice of the changes. The campaign is calling on all political parties to make a commitment to WASPI women this General Election.

Lorna Bennie, co-ordinator of Falkirk Local Area WASPI group, said: “Over 3.5 million women have lost out, unfairly, because of the maladministration of pension changes introduced by successive governments.

“Our votes could significantly impact the election results, and we hope that our demonstration will ensure that our local general election candidates sit up and take notice.”

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