Falkirk tower block could make smart move

Belmont Tower is a possible location for Smart Meter equipment
Belmont Tower is a possible location for Smart Meter equipment

A high rise block has been earmarked to pioneer the use of new energy-saving Smart 
Metering equipment on its roof.

Belmont Tower in Falkirk’s Callendar Park could be the first multi-storey in the district to have antennas installed which will send meter readings to energy suppliers automatically.

The programme is being backed by the government which sees it as a way to save customers money and tackle climate change by reducing energy waste and consumption.

Falkirk Council has asked householders for their views on the proposal - but made it clear that, as the local authority, it will ultimately take the decision on whether or not the equipment should be allowed.

Neighbours have already heard from Arqiva, the company responsible for rolling out the Smart Metering network in Scotland, and ScottishPower.

They were told that having smart meters in their homes would allow them to see at a glance how much energy they are using, giving them better control of their consumption and the chance to save money.

Residents will have the choice of having Smart Meters in their homes. Landlord Falkirk Council has no plans to make it mandatory.

Arqiva say the planned work will have minimal impact on the building - but offered a one-off £2000 disturbance payment to the Belmont Tower Residents Group if they get the go-ahead.

The plan is to bolt antennas on the roof, using existing mountings, directed away from the building. An equipment cabinet will be located in a locked room which residents will not have access to.

Arqiva says there will be no impact on the drying area on the top floor either during installation, which will take five days, or after it is in place.