Falkirk staff say they’ll fight closure of nursery

Babes in the Wood Nursery
Babes in the Wood Nursery

Staff and parents have pledged to fight a decision to close an early years centre that provides crucial support for working families.

Babes in the Wood at Callendar Business Park, run by Bright Horizons on behalf of the Child Maintenance Group, part of the Department of Work and Pensions, is set to close in September.

The nursery provides childcare for 45 families who work for the Child Support Agency or the DWP.

Now, the DWP say it’s no longer sustainable.

But, staff and parents, who found out about the closure last week, have wowed to fight to keep it going.

Kelly McCann, joint manager at the nursery, said: “I have had a barrage of emails from parents. Staff are losing their jobs and parents have been in tears at the thought of taking their children somewhere else.

“This nursery has a great reputation, brilliant children and the passion of our parents has really shone through.

“We are going to fight this.”

The manager said she hopes to take the nursery’s case to the Scottish Government, which has just extended free childcare provision to support working families.

One disgruntled parent said: “At a time when the government is trying to encourage people into work, they have made the decision to close this on-site nursery.

“This leaves families having to find alternative child care arrangements affecting their ability to work.

“It’s one cut too many.”

A DWP spokesman said: “As the department’s contracts with its nursery providers were expiring, it was an appropriate time to review future nursery provision and consider whether it is appropriate and cost effective to continue.

“As suitable alternatives exist, it is no longer appropriate or sustainable to continue to contract for workplace nursery provision.”