Falkirk sisters in double delivery delight

Sisters Annmarie and Vicky with new arrivals and proud gran Liz
Sisters Annmarie and Vicky with new arrivals and proud gran Liz

IT was double delight for proud gran Liz McAuley when her two daughters gave birth within hours of each other.

Both had been due to have their second babies this month, but the family never expected the new arrivals to be born on the same day – and in the same hospital.

Shortly after midnight on Saturday big sister Annmarie Pickup (25) had Taylor Ann, weighing a healthy 7lb 15oz at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

And younger sister Vicky McAuley (21) was so excited when she heard about the birth it put her into labour.

At 1.30 p.m. she safely delivered Riley, who weighed 8lb 12oz.

This week, Liz said she was still in a spin about becoming a granny again – twice in the same day.

She said: “It was chaotic, but absolutely lovely. We’re all absolutely thrilled.”

Annmarie, who lives in Abbots View, Polmont, with husband Joel (26) and son Jack (2), had been due to give birth on March 10.

While doctors had told Vicky she and partner Christopher Edwards (22), who already have a daughter Jessica (18 months), should expect their new arrival three days later. The family live in Jackson Avenue, Grangemouth.

But Liz (44), of Dundas Street, Grangemouth, was convinced her daughters would give birth on the same day.

She said: “It was really strange but I had a dream that they would both give birth on March 22 – so I was only one day out. Now we wish that we had put a bet on it!

“However, I hardly had time to get over the excitement of having a new granddaughter when I started to worry hearing my other daughter was in labour. It was quite a day.

“But we are just so glad that they are all okay.”

Annmarie was taken in last Friday to be induced with Liz and husband Peter (49), known as Pate, looking after her little boy Jack.

Liz added: “Around about 5.30 a.m. when we heard that Vicky was in labour and going to hospital, my husband went round to their house to look after Jessica.

“He planned to sleep on the couch until she woke in the morning but there was so much commotion in the house that she got up and he brought her here. It was blizzard conditions outside and pretty chaotic in our house because there was so much happening.”

The sisters were in nearby rooms in the Larbert hospital for only a few hours with discharged on Saturday night and Annmarie the following day.

Proud gran Liz said: “We’ve certainly no excuse for forgetting the wee ones’ birthdays in years to come.”