Falkirk Sheriff Court hit by flood

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A jury had to be relocated after water leaked into Falkirk Sheriff Court this morning.

Following heavy rainfall last night, water seeped through a wall behind the jury seating in one of the courtrooms forcing staff to move to another room to carry on the trial.

Some jury members also had to be sent home, but the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service say the move was unrelated to any storm damage.

A spokesperson said: “There was a small leak into one of the courtrooms at Falkirk Sheriff Court and a decision was made, prior to the start of court business, to relocate a jury trial to an alternative courtroom.

“No court users or jurors were inconvenienced as the decision to switch courts was taken prior to the court being open to the public.

“In the court affected by the leak, two electrical devices were covered with plastic to protect them from any water damage, but there was no other impact on court proceedings which continued as scheduled.

“All courts started as usual at 10am with business proceeding as normal. The reason that the jury trial could not proceed is completely unrelated to the effects of the storm.”