Falkirk school celebrates its top scholars

Headteacher Lesley Carroll with Proxime Accessit Eilidh Hunter and Dux Conor Whitehead
Headteacher Lesley Carroll with Proxime Accessit Eilidh Hunter and Dux Conor Whitehead

Staff, pupils and proud parents and carers celebrated a year of achievement at Graeme High School.

On the night Conor Whitehead was named Dux and Eilidh Hunter Proxime Accessit, headteacher Lesley Carroll led the congratulations to them and their fellow prizewinners.

Over the last 10 years I consider myself privileged to watch so many amazing pupils develop – Lesley Carroll

She said: “Over the last 10 years I consider myself privileged to watch so many amazing pupils develop and blossom into wonderful, strong, achieving, committed, dependable and thoroughly decent young men and women. Every day I feel honoured and grateful for being given the astonishing opportunity to share this small part of their life journey.

“When I see our young people I see limitless possibilities. I know part of the future success of our local, national and international communities are in this hall tonight and the education this school gives is a powerful tool they can use to change their world!

“Over the last six years we have developed a curriculum which takes the best of new initiatives to enrich each pupils’ journey, adding layers and breadth to traditional subjects with skills, experiences, new ways of working and new vocational learning opportunities.

“We acknowledge challenges and work together to overcome them, doing our best to give every pupil the resilience needed to overcome what life may present and have a positive view of themselves and the opportunities open to them.

“It does not matter how academically successful our pupils are if they do not have the confidence to share their views or the ability to work in teams to solve problems and bring solutions. These are tremendously important personal, life and work skills.

“We encourage this wide approach to learning. Academically, creatively and in sport we offer every pupil the opportunity for personal success. We need you parents and carers to also see the value in this and encourage your sons and daughters to take up these opportunities with the same level of commitment and rigour they give their studies.”

School Dux Conor will be back in the clasroom class next term to study Maths, English and Chemistry at advanced higher level.

A place at university beckons, but confident Conor has not ruled out the possibility of another career – as a professional footballer.

The 16-year-old lives with his parents Christopher and Karina and younger brother and sister Lewis and Carreen in Craigmarloch, Cumbernauld, but opted to join Graeme High in S1 because of its SFA Football Academy.

He now plays for Grangemouth side Syngenta’s under 17 team and doing well.

Conor said: “University to study maths or chemistry is something I’m thinking seriously about, but I’m also enjoying my football and wondering where that could take me.

“Winning the Dux Medal really did come as a complete surprise, a real shock, but I’m pleased and my family are all delighted for me.”


Art –

Renee Gillon (S4 Nat 5), Charlotte Wright (S5/6 Higher), Nicole McGuire (Endeavour),

Music –

Kay McPherson (S4 Nat 5), Madeleine Brown (S5/6 Higher), Sarahjane Polson (Endeavour).

Drama –

Eve Waugh (S4 Nat 5), Lauren Duncan (S5/6 Higher), Andrew Dunn (Endeavour).

Biology –

Greg Baird (S4 Nat 5), Kenzie Allison (S5/6 Higher), Katrina Clark (Adv. Higher).

Chemistry –

Ross Livingston (S4 Nat 5), Evan Balfour (S5/6 Higher).

Physics –

Ross Livingston (S4 Nat 5), Callum Smith (S5/6 Higher), Carmen Tran (Adv. Higher).

French –

Charlotte Soper (S4 Nat 5), Madeleine Brown (S5/6 Higher), Rachel Cairns (Adv. Higher).

English –

Charlotte Soper (S4 Nat 5), Eva Bonner (S4 Merit), Conor Whitehead (S5/6 Higher), Kenze Allison (S5/6 Higher), Amie Black (S5/6 Higher), Rebecca Shaw (Adv. Higher), Rachel Cairns (Endeavour), Jaimee MacDonald (Endeavour).

Geography –

Greg Baird (S4 Nat 5), Conor Whitehead (S5/6 Higher), Charlotte Wright (Endeavour).

History –

Charlotte Bruce (S4 Nat 5), Sophie Shaw (S4 Nat 5), Rachel Cairns (S5/6 Higher), Iona Wallace (Endeavour.

Modern Studies –

Bronwen McGuire (S4 Nat 5), Rachel Cairns (S5/6 Higher), Jessica Thomson (Endeavour).

Philosophy –

Ruby Emmett (S4 Nat 5), Samuel Smillie (S5/6 Higher).

Religious Studies –

Kimberley Waddell (S5/6 Higher).


Heather Dowds (Endeavour).

Business Management –

Fuaad Schuumans (S4 Nat 5), Toni Goldie (S5/6 Higher), Courtney McGregor (Endeavour).

Admin & IT –

Jade Morton (Nat 5), Eilidh Hunter (S5/6 Higher), Cameron Hetherington (Endeavour).

Graphic Communication –

Ross Livingstone (S4 Nat 5), Matthew Capes (S5/6 Higher), Rachael Thornley (Endeavour).

Design & Manufacture –

Leona McManus (S4 Nat 5), Konrad Wojtczak (S5/6 Higher), Charlotte Bruce (Endeavour).

Practical Woodwork –

Fraser McKennan (Nat 5).

Practical Metalwork –

Jawad Zada (Nat 5).

Engineering –

Sam Kelly (Nat 5).

Bike Academy –

James Reid (Endeavour), Bader Maktabi (Endeavour).

Computing Science –

Brad Turner (S4 Nat 5), Callum Smith (S5/6 Higher), Sophie Shaw (Endeavour).

Mathematics –

Heather Richards (S4 Nat 5), Ross Livingston (S4 Merit), Aaron Anderson (S5/6 Higher), Callum Smith (S5/6 Merit), Carmen Tran (Adv. Higher), Nicole White (Endeavour).

Hospitality –

Jake Telfer (S4 Nat 4), Bryony Spink (Endeavour).

Physical Education –

Jack Hodge (S4 Nat 5), Katy McGonigal (S5/6 Higher), Claire Farquhar (Adv. Higher), Aaron Anderson (Endeavour).

Sport & Recreation –

Rhys Stewart (Endeavour).

Sports Leaders –

Lewis Conway (Endeavour).

Hair & Beauty Academy –

Tommy Lee Hardie (Achievement), Samantha Cameron (Endeavour).

Early Education & Childcare –

Kimberley Waddell (Achievement), Bryony Spink (Endeavour).

Care –

Heather Dowds (Achievement), Paige Breen (Endeavour).


Billie-Jean Lockhart (Achievement), Colin Knowles (Endeavour).

Special Awards –

Robert Banbury Award (Music), Euan Chapman. Andrew Steele Prize (Captains), Callum Brown, Andrew MacLeod, Caitlin Murray, Isla Swan, Claire Farquhar, Carmen Tran.

PTA Shield (Outstanding Achievement), Kieran Robertson.

Bob Nimmo Prize (Service to the School Community), Rebecca Shaw, Carmen Tran. Class ‘98 Prize (Outstanding Achievement), Jonathan Mitchell, Aaron Reid.

Jessie Kettrick Trophy (Service to the School), Boglarka Balla. School Board Shield (Outstanding Achievement), Ewan McCormick.

Mhairi McDonald Award (Outstanding Achievement in Science), Heather Richards. Catriona McDonald Award (Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics), Victoria Williams.

Viv Scott Award (Sporting Excellence), Senior Girls Basketball Team, Lindsey Blues, Charlotte Deanie, Leah Eddie, Claire Farquhar, Taylor Hamill, Katie Lawrence, Kimberley McAlpine, Rebecca Shaw, Carmen Tran.

The James B McHardy Medal (Proxime Accessit), Eilidh Hunter.

The Graeme High School Medal (Dux of the School), Conor Whitehead.