Falkirk Sandwich boss is filling a charity gap

Pictured is Bob McFarlane, Clive Ramsay, John Henry and Ross Forbes as they prepare for their cycle
Pictured is Bob McFarlane, Clive Ramsay, John Henry and Ross Forbes as they prepare for their cycle
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Fast food expert Clive Ramsay has ‘cooked’ up a plan he hopes will raise thousands for a good cause.

The owner of Falkirk’s Clive Ramsay sandwich bar and cafe in Kirk Wynd jets to the Algarve on May 1 to tackle a cycling marathon in aid of the charity Motor Neurone Disease Scotland.

Clive (49) has recruited five mates from the Peak Sports Centre in Stirling - John Henry, Simon Littlejohn, Robert McFarlane, Ross Forbes and Gordon Polly - to accompany him on the ‘cyclethon’ challenge which will take them from one end of Portugal to the other and hopefully raise £2500 for research into the illness which has claimed the lives of close friends and loved ones.

Their route will see them pedal over 380 miles and climb 24,000 feet in just five days. The demanding schedule means that on the flat they will have to cover 90 miles a day and on the hills at least 60.

He and the rest of the ‘Team Ramsay’ volunteers have been training for weeks for what promises to be a tough test.

Clive said: “The furthest we’ve ridden before is around 100 miles so we’re moving into uncharted territory. We expect that, particularly after finishing a hill stage, it’s going to be hard getting back into the saddle the next day.

“Our weekend training runs have taken us up and down quite a few of Scotland’s hills already so we have some idea about what to expect. Even with the sun on our backs though, we know it’s going to be a challenge every morning to move on but we’re all determined to cross the finishing line.

‘‘We’re aiming to raise as much as possible for MND Scotland so they can further their research into finding the cure for Motor Neurone Disease. The reason why this is so close to my heart is because I have lost close family and friends through this dreadful disease.”

Anyone can make a pledge by texting 700070 and entering code ITXT50 or go to www.justgiving.com/cliveramsay.