Falkirk’s tricky jetset cat Teddi is an Internet star

Teddi the cat - star of 'Teddi's Tricks'
Teddi the cat - star of 'Teddi's Tricks'

A tricky feline who splits time between sunny Spain and Falkirk is now the cat’s pyjamas thanks to his very own YouTube channel.

Six-year-old Siberian moggy Teddi was born in Spain, but spent his formative years in Laurieston. He is currently absorbing the heat in Malaga with owner Barbara Connor, who is involved in voluntary missionary work helping children and young people.

Web watchers from all over the world have been catching Teddi’s online antics on his ‘Teddi’s Tricks’ channel, which features videos of him skateboarding, playing guitar and lots more.

It all began when Barbara’s role took her to Spain, where she has been involved in mobilising European young people to work with tree planting projects and medical teams in Africa.

She said: “Shortly after I arrived in Spain for the first time, I began feeding a little black cat I found in the street. She regularly followed me home, eventually taking up residence with us.

“We didn’t realise she was pregnant, but I got to be a midwife one night, helping Tamba, as we called her, deliver Timmy, Tobi, Tiny and, of course, Teddi.”

He could shake hands or give a high five like Americans and he could kiss you on the cheek like Spaniards

Barbara Connor

Barbara managed to find homes for two kittens, but Teddi ended up staying, along with Tobi and Tamba.

She said: “Knowing I’d always enjoyed training dogs, a friend said I should try to train cats. I tried teaching Teddi to stand on his back legs and beg and, to my amazement, he picked it up within two days.

“That inspired me to be a bit more ambitious. I made a joke video for friends, where Teddi was demonstrating appropriate cross cultural greetings for different situations.

“He could shake hands or give a high five like Americans and he could kiss you on the cheek like Spaniards.”

The video proved so popular Barbara decided to upload it to You Tube and Teddi never looked back.

Barbara said: “It’s not exactly gone viral, but he is slowly gathering a following.”