Falkirk’s Sherry is model dog

Canine super model Sherry
Canine super model Sherry
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Cute cairn terrier Sherry is turning into the Kate Moss of the doggy world.

Despite being 12-years-old, her puppy dog eyes caught the attention of the vets who were treating her and she was plucked from obscurity to ‘star’ in their advertising campaign.

Now she is featured on leaflets and posters for Glasgow University’s Small Animals Hospital – and her photograph can even be spotted on the back of buses in and around the city.

Owners Iain and Liz Gourlay, of Queens Crescent, Falkirk, are slightly bemused by their pet’s new-found fame, but have vowed to keep all four of her paws firmly on the ground and not let success go to her head.

Iain said: “Sherry was having problems with her eyes and we took her to the hospital where she received treatment. Next thing we knew, they were in touch asking if they could use her photograph.

“It seems they had been looking for a nice image to use on their advertising material and had taken several of their patients but wanted to use Sherry.”

However, the couple didn’t realise the extent their pet had become a poster girl until an envelope with copies of all the promotional material popped through their letterbox.

Iain added: “We were surprised but delighted. My wife also features in the photographs – but only her feet!”

The couple’s other cairn terrier, six-year-old Mac, is resisting all attempts to join his walking companion’s new career path and is happy to remain out of camera shot.

A spokeswoman for the vet hospital said: “A photographer took shots of several of our patients but the ones with Sherry were the best. We think they have turned out very well and hope they will do more to publicise the services we offer.”

The Small Animal Hospital provides a world-class service for pets and their owners in a purpose-built centre.

It offers specialist services from internationally recognised veterinarians, including ophthalmology, oncology, neurology and orthopaedic surgery.

For further information visit www.glasgow.ac.uk/vet/smallanimalhospital or call 0141 330 5848.