Falkirk’s MPs pledge pay rise to charity

John McNally MP celebrates his general election success
John McNally MP celebrates his general election success

Westminster new boys John McNally and Martyn Day will donate the proposed 10 per cent pay rise for MPs to a 
charity of their choice.

The newly elected SNP 
members for Falkirk and Linlithgow and Falkirk East have pledged the £7000 a year wage hike recommended by pay and expenses quango the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) will go to good causes in their constituencies.

Mr McNally, who swept to success with a majority of over 19,000 at the May 7 general election, said: “At a time when millions of public sector workers have been told to expect no more than one per cent for the next two years as part of the government’s austerity plans this proposed increase sends out the completely wrong message.

“It is not something I can do anything about, but I can think of a lot of hard working organisations across Falkirk where I can put it to good use.”

The former Falkirk councillor, who confirmed he has quit the town hall - clearing the way for a by-election in the Denny and Banknock Ward on August 13 - declared before the election he would campaign for a fairer society and protect the low paid by fighting for the end of zero hour contracts and raising the minimum wage.

Martyn Day, who took Labour veteran Michael Connarty’s seat with a majority of nearly 13,000, confirmed his rise will also benefit worthy causes across his constituency.

He said: “At a time when cuts are hurting hard working people this proposal to increase MPs salaries by such a large amount is simply wrong and I will not take advantage of it.”

Both MPs have also pledged to be open and accountable to their constituents over the question of Westminster expenses.

In the wake of the row that followed revelations his predecessor Eric Joyce was the most expensive MP in Britain two years in a row with claims that topped £200,000, Mr McNally said: “I’m very mindful of what went on before and how it battered Falkirk’s reputation, but that won’t happen on my watch. I’m arranging for a group of constituents to scrutinise my claims on a monthly basis and take me to task if required.”

Mr Day said: “The allowances provided to cover staff and office costs will be used effectively to appoint professional people in Linlithgow and Grangemouth to allow me to do my job on behalf of all my constituents properly.”