Falkirk’s Lewis is hailed a hero!

Quick-thinking Lewis Brawley (front) with his family
Quick-thinking Lewis Brawley (front) with his family
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A quick-thinking eight-year-old has been hailed a hero for getting help when his dad took ill.

Lewis Brawley didn’t panic after he found his father slumped on the living room floor shaking from a suspected epileptic fit.

Instead the youngster had the presence of mind to calmly take his dad’s mobile phone from his pocket then go next door to ask a neighbour to use it to call his mum.

As a result of his prompt action an ambulance quickly arrived at the family home at 44 Kerse Lane, Falkirk, to rush Mr Stephen Brawley to hospital.

This week, Lewis’s proud mum said: “In our eyes he’s a wee hero.”

Last Wednesday afternoon Annmarie Brawley had left her husband with Lewis and their two other children, Aiden (6) and Lexi (3), to collect a prescription for him.

She said: “When my mobile went off and I saw it was Stephen’s number I thought he was calling to ask me to get something else for him while I was out.

“I was shocked when I answered and it was Alice from next door. She just said ‘You have to get home’.

“She told me Lewis had gone round to say his dad had collapsed and she should phone me.

“Fortunately, a friend had taken me into town in her car and we were able to get back home very quickly. Stephen was awake but really didn’t know where he was and kept nodding off to sleep so I dialled 999.

“At the hospital they said he had suffered a seizure. He had bitten through his tongue and was disorientated and suffering muscle spasms. They did some tests and allowed him home later that night, but it was a very traumatic time.”

Doctors are arranging for Mr Brawley (33) to return to hospital in the New Year to be examined by a neurologist.

Mrs Brawley (36) explained: “Stephen took a heavy fall just before Christmas last year and banged his head pretty badly. He was knocked unconscious and taken to hospital where they did a brain scan.

“Since then he’s suffered quite a lot of headaches which have been bad enough to keep him off work and he’s been back at the hospital a few times.

“We don’t know if what happened last year had anything to do with the fit but the doctors do want to see him again.

“Before he collapsed he had complained of not feeling well and was not even able to take the dogs for a walk because when he stood up his legs buckled under him.

“He called our GP and was told to collect a prescription. He was not looking too great so I decided I’d go. I left him on the settee with the children and was in the chemists when my mobile rang.

“We’re really proud of Lewis. He knew there was something wrong and went for help. He even showed Alice how to work the phone.

“If it hadn’t been for him his dad would have been left alone for a lot longer and I don’t know what might have happened.”