Falkirk’s Helix makes sure water is on tap

Water will be readily available at the Helix
Water will be readily available at the Helix

A new social enterprise which provides free water fill-ups is sure to go down well with visitors to the

Especially when they realise participating in the initiative will not only quench their thirst, but also help people get access to life-saving clean drinking water in Third World countries and reduces plastic waste as well.

‘Give Me Tap’ allows people to purchase a branded reusable bottle which they can then take to participating businesses for a free fill-up of fresh water.

The purchase of every bottle goes towards funding vital projects to provide water in Africa.

A Helix spokesperson said: “We have managed to sign up 40 cafes in the area so far and plan to go round some of them putting up stickers. People can find participating cafes by looking for the sticker in the window, or by checking the associated app or going online to search for businesses taking part.

“Give me Tap founder Edwin Broni-Mensah is coming to give a presentation to the Helix and the participating cafes in February and he brings a great story with him.”

Mr Broni-Mensah came up with the idea for Give Me Tap four years ago when he realised the UK had arguably the world’s highest quality drinking water available to hand, but social barriers still stood in the way when it came to consuming water ‘on the go’, especially the stigma attached to asking for tap water in commercial premises.

He said: “Give Me Tap is a social enterprise committed to making clean water easily accessible to every human in the world. It’s the UK’s first water refill network where cafes and restaurants can attract customers by offering people free tap water.

“We are passionate about helping organisations and individuals reduce their waste, save money and to help raise awareness of the terrible water crisis going on elsewhere in the world.

“For every Give Me Tap bottle sold, we will help provide clean drinking water to a person through funding sustainable water, sanitation and irrigation projects in Africa.

Visit www.thehelix.co.uk for more information.