Falkirk’s Callendar Square is set to gain a brand new fish shop

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A well-known Grangemouth fishmonger which brings fish daily straight from Peterhead is about to open the doors on a new shop in Falkirk’s Callendar Square.

The Fresh Fish Place, of Grangemouth’s La Porte Precinct, is bringing to Falkirk town centre a full range of fresh and frozen fish and other seafood, along with smoked fish, marinades and more.

Falkirk Delivers announced the new opening today with a “coming soon” poster - prompting an enthusiastic social media comment from one local man who reckons a fish shop is exactly what the town centre needs.

Owners John and Hazel Stephen (whose Grangemouth business reopens on Tuesday) reckon they are well equipped for their trade, as both were born in Peterhead - and their dads and grandads were fishermen.

John was at sea for 15 years, the last five as skipper of his own trawler.

Meanwhile the main supplier to The Fresh Fish Place is John’s cousin, whose fish processing plants in Peterhead and Fraserburgh supply fresh fish to the shop every day.

Taken over by John and Hazel in late 2017 it offers a lengthy catalogue of seafood treats - which can include live lobster.

The existing business is already well-known to many customers outwith Grangemouth, as it delivers to a long list of townships and villages across Forth Valley.

Its current operating week is Tuesday to Saturday, inclusive, and although it hasn’t been spelled out that is likely to be the same for the Falkirk branch.

In a social media message John said: “Since taking over the business we have greatly increased the choice and aim to continue to do this (there are typically more than 50 choices on offer).

“We also get great satisfaction from delivering special orders like live lobster, clams, oysters, whole Hake and other whole fish.”