Falkirk Roman show promises '˜a family event like no other'

'Legion' - billed as a spectacular journey into our ancient past - launches in its Bonnybridge community woodland setting in just over four weeks, with a major tourism mission to achieve.

A route map will lead time travellers through a magical mystery world of adventure
A route map will lead time travellers through a magical mystery world of adventure

The dramatic son-et-lumiere show near the site of the historic Rough Castle Roman fort aims to “bring something new” to the area that will both fascinate local people and bring visitors from across the central belt.

Run by Rough Castle Experiences it’s promised set to be the first of many spectacular outings at the site, which is on the route of the World Heritage Site Antonine Wall.

Future events won’t necessarily have anything to do with the Romans, but this one aims to make the most of the current surge of interest in the life and times of the Roman Empire’s rugged northern frontier.

The 'E' in 'Legion' is ready to be deployed on the sign flagging up the even

Promising “a family event like no other” the night-time extravaganza features “theatrical combat and aerial artistry”, in a rolling performance said to use new state of the art sound and light technologies.

In the course of a carefully mapped-out 90-minute ramble through the woods participants are invited to “search the woods, find the Picts and see the Magi(Druids)”.

The company involved hope to plug what’s seen as a gap in the outdoors tourism market by staging a dramatic attraction that isn’t directly linked to town or city performance venues - and also aims to benefit the local community.

Half a dozen local schools (in Bonnybridge, Camelon and Grangemouth) have been involved in decorating the king-size letters spelling “Legion”, and their handiwork will be on display for the full run of the production.

The letters themselves werre constructed by a local carpentry firm, and Rough Castle Experiences have praised the community spirit they say has helped bring the ambitious project to life.

The organisers promise: “We are part of the community and use local suppliers, businesses and employees to support the local economy and bring communities together.

“We are innovative, creative, entrepreneurial people who try to do things the right way, not the way it has always been done - by being honest, open, and flexible”.

There’s more on the show at https://roughcastleexperiences.co.uk/