Falkirk residents urged to give winter a cold shoulder

Falkirk High Street in winter
Falkirk High Street in winter
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As the traditional Christmas celebrations loom, it’s the time to remember how important it is to get ready for the weather the season brings.

Over the last few years Falkirk district has not escaped the dramatic impact plunging temperatures, driving snow and biting cold winds have had on family, friends, neighbours and services.

Even a particularly good summer has not erased the memories of a particularly bad winter the year vefore last. Now the message from Falkirk Council is ‘be prepared’ for what could lie ahead.

A spokesman warned: “Severe weather can strike quickly leaving people, particularly the elderly, vulnerable. But a little planning could help everyone cope and see it through safely.”

The council’s winter response plans are already in place and preparations to reduce the impact extreme conditions may have on its communities well underway. A fleet of gritters and snow ploughs will be on 24-hour alert until the spring and, whenever possible, main roads will be salted ahead of temperatures dropping below freezing. Pavements leading to shopping centres, hospitals and schools will be given priority and grit bins kept full.

During spells of harsh weather the council expects its resources to be occasionally stretched and is asking householders to appreciate that, while it will always strive to deliver its normal services, there will be times it may take them longer to respond as it prioritises who needs help the most.

The council is urging everyone to be a ‘good neighbour’ – particularly if someone elderly is living next door. It’s advice is, check on them regularly and lend a hand with shopping or clearing snow and ice from the door if necessary.

A ‘Get ready for Winter’ booklet explaining the simple steps everyone can take in the home or travelling to work to reduce the impact of bad weather is available to download from the council website and there are also details of a number of emergency helplines operating 24/7 to call which will to give those in greatest need the quickest support.