Falkirk residents lose right to vote

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Around 1300 residents in the Falkirk area have lost their right to vote after failing to register.

Those removed from the Register of Electors will not be able to vote in any election or referendum unless they reapply at their current address.

Electoral registration officer Brian Byrne says 1340 Falkirk residents - 2500 in Forth Valley - will be notified this month that their right to vote has been terminated.

The action has been taken against people who didn’t respond to the annual voter registration forms issued last autumn as there is no proof of continued residence.

Not being on the Register of Electors could also result in a reduced credit rating as the major credit reference companies use it to confirm addresses on credit applications.

To apply for a form to re-register to vote visit www.saa.gov.uk/central.

To check if you are registered to vote call (01786) 892289.