Falkirk railway crime in numbers: Facts and figures revealed

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Here are some facts and figures about reported crime on the railways in the Falkirk area.

The information was gathered following an FOI to British Transport Police. The data covers the period January 2014 to February 2019.

Most common day of the week for crimes on the railways in the Falkirk area:


Most common month of the year for crimes on the railways in the Falkirk area:


Most common time of the day for crimes on the railways in the Falkirk area:

11pm to midnight

How many crimes have there been in the past few years on Falkirk area railways?

2014 - 27

2015 - 28

2016 - 26

2017 - 21

2018 - 36

2019 (to February) - 3

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What’s the most common crime?

The top three are:

1. Common Assault/Battery With No Injury (37 crimes since January 2014)

2. Vandalism of Building or Works (11 crimes since January 2014)

3. Theft - Pedal Cycle (10 crimes since January 2014)

Where are the crime hotspots?

Crimes which happen on trains are usually reported at terminus stations, so big stations get more than their fair share of these reports. With that caveat, here are the five biggest hotspots:

1. Falkirk Grahamston - 39 crimes

2. Falkirk High - 23 crimes

3. Polmont - 23 crimes

4. Larbert - 15 crimes

5. Camelon - 14 crimes

How many crimes get solved?

Only about one in five crimes were solved last year. Of the 36 crimes reported in 2018, just 8 (22%) were recorded as being ‘detected’.