Falkirk pool hall still closed

Johnny B's remains shut
Johnny B's remains shut

Johnny B’s Pool and Snooker Bar is closed due to rot and damp problems only discovered when work started below the pool hall.

Falkirk Council started renovating the former Benson Bed Shed property in July only to discover years of mould, rot and dampness in the ceiling.

Being directly under the pool hall the council decided it was the best option for it to close to the public under fears for their safety.

Bob McCabe (73) a retired handyman who helped refurbish the pool hall said: “I am quite gutted that after years of hard work, painting and decorating we have had to shut our doors to the public. It is understandable of course, we do not want any accidents happening due to the floor collapsing.

“Although we did put a lot of money into renovating the place and now it just sits empty.”

Alan McCabe (49) took over the snooker hall two years ago, known formerly as Johnny Baikies, and believes that decades of neglect to the building has caused the troubles.

The club operator said: “We have been told it could be four to six months before it is safe to let the public back in.” He fears for the future of his club. “The longer it drags on the harder it will be to survive. People move on but hopefully the work will be finished soon.”

In the meantime members are welcomed at the Creamery. It is hoped the club will be open for the festive period.