Falkirk musician drums with his heavy metal heroes Steel Panther

Ben White
Ben White

A young drummer from Falkirk lived out his rock dreams at Glasgow’s O2 Academy this week playing with his favourite metal band Steel Panther.

Ben White normally mans the kit for local blues rockers Unit 7, but when he attended the Steel Panther gig on Monday he found himself keeping the beat with his musical heroes.

He said: “I’ve seen and met this band every time they’ve been in Scotland. I was a VIP before the concert so had the opportunity to meet and hang out with them before the show

“I took a sign with me that said ‘My Dream is to drum to Eyes of a Panther’ one of their more popular tracks. I was told at the signing that ‘If you think you’ll 100 per cent nail it and the set is flowing right, then you’ll have your moment’ - and I did.”

Ben was invited up towards the end of the band’s set to take up the sticks in front of the 3000-strong audience he had just been a member of moments earlier.

“I was greeted with the loudest cheers I’ve ever experienced in my years of playing live shows. It was fantastic. I had people taking photos with me and asking me to sign stuff at the end of the show.

“Since that night my Facebook account, Twitter and Instagram have totally blown up. People adding me, messaging me, tagging me in things. It’s been amazing to get a taste of what’d it really would be like living my dream career.”

Ben’s magical moment was captured for all time on camera and is available on You Tube for all to see.