Falkirk MSP says social homes success proves SNP opponents ‘failed’

Angus MacDonald MSP at the site of the new housing development in Stenhousemuir back in 2014.
Angus MacDonald MSP at the site of the new housing development in Stenhousemuir back in 2014.

Tens of thousands of new affordable homes have been built since the SNP came into power in 2007, and last year alone saw a rise of over a fifth in the number created in 2017.

The statistics on new social housing have been praised by Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald, who said: “Providing affordable housing is key to ensuring a fairer society”.

The perceived success includes local highlights such as the accessible flats on the site of the old Stenhousemuir police station, while by 2021 Falkirk Council plans to build almost 250 new council homes, including in Grangemouth, at a cost of around £47million.

Mr MacDonald said: “It is also something that was sadly lacking before the SNP took over the reins of the Scottish Government, where six homes were built by the previous Labour/LibDem administration – all of them in Shetland.

“The progress made, and plans in place for the future, prove that the SNP have the ambition and political will to make it happen, and will continue to deliver where those in the past, ultimately, failed.”

He added: “Since 2014, Scotland has seen 50 per cent more affordable housing units delivered per head of population than in England, an annual average of 137 homes per 100,000 population, compared with 86 in England.

“The SNP Government has furthermore delivered more than six times as many social rented properties in Scotland per head of population than in England - an annual average of 84 homes per 100,000 population in Scotland, compared to just 13 in England.

“Falkirk Council will continue to benefit from the SNP Government’s support, including the proposed £59.5 million it will receive to deliver 1,371 affordable homes across the district over the next five years.

“That is over £43,000 funding support per home.”