Falkirk MSP blasts opposition bus pass ‘scaremongers’

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Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has slated opposition “scaremongers” who warned people over 60 would have their bus passes taken away.

His comments follow news that the National Concessionay Travel Scheme is to continue for that age group - and be extended.

Companions of eligible disabled children under five will now also be covered.

Announcing the measures, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Michael Matheson MSP said a consultation, which closed in November, showed most respondents wanted the age of eligibility to remain at 60.

They also wanted it to be extended to families of children under the age of five who have a disability.

Angus MacDonald said: “This in stark contrast to the scaremongering of opposition politicians who warned that bus passes would be taken away from people over the age of 60.

“This will be welcome news for the families of disabled children that they can benefit from free transport on buses, as well as continuing to provide free bus passes to those over the age of 60.

“The Scottish Government have a duty to explore all possible options when it comes to public finances – to not review these provisions would be irresponsible and would be doing a disservice to the public.

“However, it is also right that the public have their say on these services.

“Where others scaremonger and criticise from the sidelines, it is the SNP Scottish Government providing these services for those who need it the most.”